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March 6, 2019 0 Comments

Planning for Aging Parents Who May Need Different Types of Senior Care

Caring for your elderly parents is something you want to do. But often their health requirements make it mandatory to opt for senior elder care services. In particular, if the parents have a different set of health problems, choosing the right one can be a cumbersome task.

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It is possible that one parent may have mental health-related issues like dementia, while the other has physical issues like mobility problems. So, what do you do? Look for top senior living communities that specialize in either area or chose different centers for them. It is recommended that unless the medical situation calls for extremely specialist care, let your parents be at a common facility.

The top assisted living facilities have a lot of amenities available and can arrange for specialist care if the need be. In general, there are three types of options available for the elderly. Let’s take a look:

Independent living

In this kind of senior elder care services, which is also known as a retirement community, the center is specifically designed for the active older adult. Here, your parents would get everything from meals to home maintenance. The residents are free to continue with their favorite hobbies or pastimes. Along with the care, there are a lot of on-site activities and events happening too. One of the major attraction here is that it gives them a chance to lead independent living while being taken care of. However, if either parent has a serious healthcare issue, then this independent living option might not work for them.

Assisted living

The top senior living communities offer the benefit of assisted living that offers the best of both worlds. In such centers, the parents or elders have the option to pick from. This is highly recommended for elders who are suffering from healthcare issues. At these centers, they get 24/7 services which include assistance with personal care, housekeeping, medication management, toileting, and a lot of other ones too. All of this is in addition to the meals and wellness programs.

These senior elder care services are suggested for elders who have different kinds of healthcare needs — and the experts arrange for the needful.

Memory care

Memory care is one of the top assisted living facilities that are specially designed to allow adults suffering from memory-related issues to enjoy the best quality of life. These centers re suggested for elders with issues like Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of similar problems. They top-notch services are pertaining to memory care programs. Alongside, they also have provision for the spouse or partner to be on the premises. An assisted living community. Some of the advantages of these centers include:

• Specialized caregivers
• Dedicated dining services
• Safe & supportive environment
• Memory-focused daily activities

Both in-home care and nursing homes are indeed other options, but they deprive your parents of the ability to lead independent lives. Living in a facility, senior elder care services enables them to continue living their independent lives, connect with people of similar age group and yet get the specialist treatment and care they seek.

Your parents need your emotional support, along with possible financial help. One should ensure that instead of feeling guilt, you should ensure that your parents get the best care. Choose one of the top senior living communities that are close to your home so you can regularly visit — and yet ensure that your parents are getting the required care.