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November 12, 2021 0 Comments

Keep Seniors Safe During Covid-19 Dealing with Dementia Behaviours: Expert Tips for Understanding and Coping

It’s true that a person suffering from dementia has to face lots of difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation becomes worse when senior citizens become victims. The Covid-19 pandemic has created disarray in the whole world. No country is left from its effects.

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Many deaths have been claimed due to Covid-19 in every country recently and its horrific figure has been increasing day by day. Elderly people are the most at-risk from coronavirus. Those who are suffering from dementia have to struggle hard to survive. They have to abide by social distancing and home isolation rules. This situation separates them from their loved ones. Caretakers can also find numerous challenges during this difficult time.

Our memory care memory care assisted living facility takes the extra steps necessary to take care of senior citizens so that they may not feel isolated. In addition, we take proper measures to curb social gatherings and follow social distancing and isolation norms as suggested by the government.

What is Dementia and how does it affect Senior Citizens?

Dementia is not a single disease but is a group of many diseases. Dementia is a cluster of group disorders like heart disease and that also covers the stage of other medical disorders – Alzheimer’s disease.

Actually, dementia is caused by a mental disorder or an abnormal brain function. It affects the thinking ability of a person or weakens his/her cognitive skills. Gradually, the person becomes mentally weak and starts forgetting even his day to day small things. This typically occurs in seniors, which can lead to short term memory loss, such as forgetting their meals and simple daily tasks.

At this stage, they require utmost care by the family members or if they have been living in an assisted living facility, their proper medical care is required for their well-being. Covid-19 pandemic has proved to be a disaster for dementia affected people. They require exceptional care to get through this pandemic.

Challenges being faced by Dementia Affected People during Covid-19
Many people with dementia are confused about the sudden change in their daily routine. They feel disturbed by Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. It is really quite difficult to educate them about hand-washing, and sanitizing safety measures that are to be followed regularly every day to protect their life.

The sudden change in their daily routine has impacted elderly people most. They often feel agitated, annoyed, and can even become aggressive.

Expert Tips for and Coping with Covid-19

There are some expert tips to follow for the safety of all people especially the elderly during the Covid-19

  1. Keep your surroundings neat and clean.
  2. Wear mask
  3. Wash off your hands with some soap after every 2 hours or so.
  4. Keep social distancing, avoid group talks, and social gatherings either home or outside.
  5. Observe all the family members especially elderly people that they are all well and don’t have any fever or other problems.
  6. Start taking home-made immunity booster stuff or consult a doctor for strengthening your immunity.
  7. Never ignore any sudden change in the health of your family member and immediately approach your family doctor or certified medical practitioner for urgent medical assistance.

During Covid-19, when most people are coming out with the symptoms of fever, and sore throat, senior citizens at home are badly affected and they can’t go to doctor easily because more risk is involved with their health. At this time, those living in assisted facilities like Hampton Manor Cape Coral can provide some relief. We have proper medical facilities to take care of any emergency situation and we fulfil all the Covid-19 pandemic protocols for the safety of our community members.