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Hampton Manor Premier Assisted Living

November 12, 2021 0 Comments

Halloween Celebration at Hampton Manor Cape Coral Assisted Living

Halloween is a very popular – and rather a favorite holiday for most. And why should it be different for those in senior assisted living? It’s a time when they too can dress-up, trying on costumes, or also do that whacko hairstyle they wanted to.

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Let’s take a look at how the assisted living services celebrate Halloween!

1. Arrange for a costume parade

A popular feature at our senior assisted living facility is to help the elders dress-up for this fun day. Now, costumes are perhaps the most important aspect of this holiday. The seniors have the option to pick their favorite characters and get dressed. If the weather permits, they are also allowed to go a little bold with their attire. However, we ensure that the costumes are safe and the elderly are comfortable in wearing the same.

2. Decorate the community

Halloween is a time when the senior assisted living also does prep for Thanksgiving — not literally though. It is a time where we encourage the seniors to decorate their homes and apartments according to a theme of their choice. It is a time when they can get creative with things that are easily accessible like harvest with cornucopias. Or even just dress-up as a ghost! The idea is to engage them and ensure participation from everyone!

3. Pumpkin carving contest

Another fun activity to celebrate Halloween at senior assisted living is via a pumpkin carving contest. The idea is to test their cutting skills. Elders are given a pump-kin, which they have to gut and cut. It is interesting to see who carves out what — some like to carve scary-looking creatures while others with help from family members get more creative. We also encourage the participation of the family members.

4. Have a photo booth

No Halloween can be complete without a photo booth. With our assisted living services, the entire community and families of the elders are involved. The photo booth is made interactive with a spooky background. Along with this, the elders can use funky goggles or sunglasses and accessories related to Halloween. Since most of them do like to dress-up, it is a perfect way to get creative! We also share these fun community portraits with the staff and all family members.

5. Assisted living trick-or-treat

Along with the above, we also have a trick-or-treat session that though most seniors probably feel silly—do enjoy it. We take them around the neighborhood and sometimes they are accompanied by kids from the families or even neighbors.

6. Healthy & Nutritious Food

No Halloween is complete without lots of good food. At our senior assisted living, we take care to provide healthy yet fun options that the elderly can enjoy. It is prepared to keep nutrition and personal health in mind. For example, we opt for sugar-free drinks and sweets around this time. So, the elderly can indulge in it, without worrying about it. Even the food is prepared on a similar line so that they can make the most of this festival.