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March 6, 2019 0 Comments

11 Signs That Show Your Loved One Require Assisted Living Dementia Care

At dementia assisted living facilities, special facilities are available for the elderly who suffer from dementia. Alongside, apt supervision is provided. Here are ten indicators you should watch out for:

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1. You are constantly worried

Having noted some signs of dementia in your loved one, you are constantly worried. Living in an assisted community is often not enough. Assisted living for seniors with dementia is better equipped to handle the requirements of these patients.

2. Care-provider is stressed

If your care-provider or the assisted living community where your elderly lives are giving warning signs, it is time to take things to the next step. In many cases, the primary caregiver is the spouse, which can be exerting since they are usually close in age.

3. Safety of loved ones is threatened

If your parents or elder relatives are living with you but showing signs of dementia, which could be a threat to others, you should consider dementia assisted living facilities.

4. Finances are neglected

Are your elderly constantly neglecting their finances and not seemed to be affected by their accounts. It is a possibility that they are missing on paying bills or not paying rent because they are forgetting. In this case, you should consider assisted living dementia care.

5. Forgetfulness & memory lapses

Every other older person has a temporary memory lapse on and off. But if this is becoming habitual and you are noticing very drastic changes in their behavior, it is time to make amends. By not shifting them to an assisted living for seniors with dementia you are putting them a higher risk.

6. Evident physical changes

Remember that dementia not only impacts the mind, but it also impacts the body. This happens because elders often forget to eat or exercise, and the internal functions are affected. At dementia assisted living facilities, they will be given special attention, so such lapses are not missed.

7. Wandering

Often, elders tend to wander around the house or the assisted living center because they are in a daze due to dementia. These are signs that are best caught early, and you should keep an eye out for the same.

Apart from the above, the other signs which reflect the onset of dementia are:

  • Avoidance behavior
  • Disabling anxiety
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Intrusive thoughts

It is true that you want the best for your loved ones, and hence you may want to have them at home rather than trusting them with strangers. And that’s where our Assisted living for seniors with dementia services come in. We ensure that the best possible care is available for your loved ones — including therapy, treatment, exercise, diet, etc.

Our specialist, trained staff and in-house staff ensure that your elders thrive in our center for assisted living for seniors with dementia, and we can minimize the impact and onset of the disease for them.